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Open Canvas Crack

Open Canvas Crack is a design program designed for the Windows operating system, suitable for beginners and advanced users. Equipped with analog brush strokes and a functional, yet convenient interface, openCanvas has a higher basic performance and an exclusive event function that allows you to record and execute the drawing procedure.

OpenCanvas License Key is one of the best crossover software you’ll find when moving from real brushes to digital design. The installation process takes just a few minutes, after which you can start drawing right away.

OpenCanvas has a simple and friendly interface, even for novice users. Also note that if you’re used to Photoshop, you’ll find that opencanvas free serial key is extremely familiar because it follows the same basic principles: a large desktop with floating windows displaying tools, settings, a color palette, and so on.

OpenCanvas Crack

  • Different brushes
    There are several types of brushes, such as: For example, a pen that creates a hard line, a watercolor brush that mixes colors, and much more.
  • Filtered
    You can use the multifunction filter to view a complicated printout by hand. You can easily apply effects to an illustration by using a filter.
  • Transform
    The transformation is not only used for scaling and rotating, but also for freely tilting and distorting an illustration.
  • Layer mode
    22 kinds of layer mode let you express unlimited possibilities.

  • Text
    With the editable text layer, you can design different texts.
  • Degree of sharpness
    The delay caused by Sharpen Level has been improved by an algorithmic correction. A smoother and more stabilized brush stroke is available.
  • Hand
    The display control tools (pan / rotate / scale) are concentrated in one place so it’s more convenient than ever.
  • Event function
    The event function records the drawing process and plays it back. You can see the illustration from start to finish as if someone was drawing.
  • Rule
    You can easily draw parallel lines, concentric circles, and concentrated lines with the ruler. The perspective ruler helps you draw a background scene and buildings.
  • Compatible in PSD format
    openCanvas is compatible with the PSD format (Photoshop).
  • User interface
    You can customize the user interface by positioning or docking the palette windows as you wish.
  • Set of layers
    Layer Set is a folder that you can place your multiple layers in for more organization.

Open Canvas Crack Key Features:

  • Different types of brushes and colors.
  • Records the drawing procedure and reproduces it.
  • Draw parallel lines and a concentric circle.
  • Place a few layers in the paste.
  • Editable text layers. Create, edit and style various texts.
  • Apply filter effects to the illustration.
  • Express unlimited layer capacity.
  • The event function records drawings.
  • The interface can be customized.
  • Draw a background of the scene and the building.
  • Photoshop-compatible (PSD format)
  • Display control tools (Move / Rotate / Zoom)


  • Simple top use without training
  • Much like Photoshop
  • Many drawing tools
  • Supports layers


  • Limited undo function
  • Insufficient story window
  • Very few supported formats


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System Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6100.
  • OpenCanvas 6 processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.00 GHz.
  • File size: 1 GB.
  • OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.

How to Install Open Canvas Full crack?

  1. Install a trial installation of OpenCanvas x86 / x64 bit “.exe” (PROVIDED).
  2. After installation, check that you have not run the program, otherwise
  3. The crack will not work. [Close / exit if working]
  4. Copy the oC7.exe file from the “Crack” folder to the installation directory:
  5. C: \ Program Files \ portal graphics \ openCanvas (which you selected earlier when installing the program)
  6. Do not update the program after successful activation.
  7. Block the program through the Windows Exit Rules firewall [RECOMMENDED]

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