PC Auto Shutdown 7.8 Crack + Serial Key Full Download 2024

PC Auto Shutdown Key + Keygen Free Download

PC Auto Shutdown Crack is a simple utility that can automatically shut down your computer. This is useful for scheduling shutdowns, logoffs, reboots, shutdowns, and shutdowns at any time. Wise Auto Shutdown allows you to schedule tasks to be completed daily, at the exact time, at a specific date and time, or after a certain period.

PC Auto Shutdown 7.0 Key + Keygen Free Download

PC Auto Shutdown Reg Key You cannot always wait for the computer to complete the task to turn it off, and there is no other way to do it automatically except by using specialized applications. Automatic PC shutdown offers one of the most important commands for your computer – automatic shutdown. With this tool, you can schedule shutdowns, reboots, standby, and other similar tasks.

PC Auto Shutdown Free Download With this software you can specify which computers need to rest, reboot, hibernate, log off or cut off access at a given time. The time can be set daily, weekly, or just once, and the computer can be provided if the user does not accept the issue. The software can also disable cookies, log files, windows, internet history, and recent documents. A password using an automatic PC Auto Shutdown Crack that will not automatically protect a user who can no longer change their settings.

PC Auto Shutdown Activation Key Full Download Latest 2024

The program’s user interface consists of a wizard, where you can set different timers. In the first part you set one or more timers: add the title of the timer, select the shutdown process, and time (in hours and minutes), and activate it once, daily, weekday, or once a week, But you can also edit or delete. Kaspersky antivirus Crack work In the next step, the program allows you to set the countdown period before the shutdown event starts, enable/disable the access display for easy access to the system icon, and press the countdown button in the countdown window.

Auto Shutdown Keygen Easily schedule your PC to shut down, log off, restart, sleep, and shutdown at any time you want (daily, at a specified time, or later). After starting the task, Wise Auto Shutdown will run in the background and when you double-click, the main interface will return from the tray to the desktop. Sure, Wise Auto Shutdown will remind you of your choice five minutes before the automatic task runs.

PC Auto Shutdown Serial key is a very reliable and useful application to schedule your PC to shut down, log out, restart, sleep, and power off at any time you want. It is a comprehensive application that provides a wide range of automatic options for scheduling auto shutdown, shutdown, reboot, hibernate, and other commands. It is an efficient application for scheduling the shutdown process on your computer that saves you a good amount of time.

PC Auto Shutdown Registration Key Features

  • Shut down, shut down, restart your computer, put it into sleep mode, pause, or exit your computer at its scheduled time.
  • Shut down, shut down, restart, put the computer into sleep mode, pause, or exit the computer at its scheduled time when no users are logged on
  • Turn on computers in sleep power mode and turn off, shut down, restart your computer, put your computer into sleep mode, pause, or exit your computer at a scheduled time
  • Multiple schedules to suit your needs.
  • You can configure hotkeys to turn off your computer instantly.
  • Clear IE cookies, history, temporary files, and junk to protect your privacy.
  • Set a password so that other people cannot reset your schedule.
  • Set the horn and countdown duration during shutdown.
  • Log of each shutdown event.

Software Screenshots:

PC Auto Shutdown 7.0 Key + Keygen Free Download

PC Auto Shutdown 7.0 Key + Keygen Free Download

PC Auto Shutdown 7.0 Key


Key Features:

  • Shut down, shut down, restart, hibernate, pause or log off your computer at scheduled times.
  • Shut down, shut down, restart, hibernate, suspend, or log off the computer at the scheduled time when no user is logged on.
  • Wake the computer from sleep mode and periodically shut down, shut down, restart, hibernate, suspend, or shut down the computer.
  • Varied schedules to meet your needs.
  • You can create hotkeys to shut down your computer instantly.
  • To protect your privacy, clear IE cookies, history, temporary files, and trash.
  • Set a password to prevent others from changing your schedule settings.
  • Customize alarm and countdown times for power outages. Save each closed program.


Absurd design:
Wise Auto Shutdown’s built-in interface is simple but impossible: select a task, schedule it, and press “Start Task”. The program does the rest.

A computer’s automatic shutdown switch can perform six different tasks: shut down, restart, log off, hibernate, hibernate, and sleep (on Vista and later). Although some operations are similar, they provide Windows users with great flexibility in system maintenance and other tasks.

5-minute reminder:
The checkbox allows a reminder to appear 5 minutes before the task starts, giving busy users time to save their work. not ready yet? Delays the alarm for 10 minutes or up to 4 hours.


Cascading actions:
We would like to be able to schedule sequential actions like shutdown, followed by a scheduled restart, followed by hibernation.

Secure login and password options make Wise Auto Shutdown more flexible, especially when rebooting.

What’s New?

Updates: Official site does not provide information about changes in this version


  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows XP
  • 5 MB free disk space for installation.

PC Auto Shutdown License Key How to Generate?

  1. Download PC Auto shutdown Crack from the specified link.
  2. Click the “Setup” button and install the software.
  3. Finish the installation and have lunch.
  4. Press the registration button and ask for a name and code.
  5. Remove the keygen.
  6. Paste them into the registry key.
  7. Click on the OK button.
  8. It is.
  9. To enjoy.

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Conclusion About PC Auto Shutdown:

PC Auto Shutdown Patch is ideal for users who have lost track of the performance of their PC. It safeguards personally identifiable information and personal privacy. It sets timetables to save energy or shut down your Windows machine right away. It eliminates trash bins and dynamically inserts phrases into Internet Explorer, and downloads history. The downtime process for PCs starts, PC Automated Surrender Universal asynchronous receiver numbers remove all browser bookmarks, stockpiles, and plugins in a matter of minutes.

PC Automation Suspension Keygen seems to be a useful tool that allows users to shut down or restore, stop hibernation, or postpone the switching out of their web browser for a set date. When you’re logged in, the computer is already in the strength settings, and users can change their settings at a set time. Users can add the shutdown process every month, on a monthly basis, or one-time basis according to the provider. To speed up loading times and protect privacy, users can delete the recycle waste basket and cached data, Internet Explorer stockpile, histories, preferences, Browser dynamic keywords, and recent articles that were collected during a termination.

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